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In His Grace by BlueLumi In His Grace by BlueLumi
I After working on and off with it for 3 days, it is finally complete.

This is a thank you gift for my uncle, who has been a very kind person as well as generous since he got me a 36 Copic marker pack (anyone that knows about the brand knows how expensive it is).

He have always wanted a piece of art from me so this is the very least I was able to do. He didn't have a favourite animal but he did like the colour green, and well the peacock is what came to mind!

I have never drawn one before so it really was a fun challenge for me, I really felt like I have expanded out with this one. I looked up references for not only the bird, but for the floral design as well. Though I took the liberty of mix and matching them so not all of it is an exact replica.

I want to thank everyone who stopped in and watch me make this during my Join Me sessions and I want to also thank *Simkaye for helping me out on choosing the colours for the background, you guys are the best :heart:

Floral design stock references:

art (c) =BlueLumi

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Simkaye Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
This turned out so lovely! You're so welcome for the colour choice help. The florals look fantastic, that red really pops. It feels like the sort of illustration you would find in an ancient text. This is more realism than your typical work, I like that a lot! The tail feathers look like they were fun to do; they have a beautiful flow to them.
BlueLumi Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you! Yeah, I was really trying to aim at a detailed illustration, since it is something I really admire seeing. To the point where I am considering going back to school (once I get my bachelor's in Graphic Design of course) to get a degree in Illustration.

I hope to improve on my realism and I thank you for encouraging me on that <3
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January 8, 2013
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